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Subsidence Damage Insurance Claims

Subsidence is caused by the undermining of the foundations of a property (usually caused by escape of water from underground pipes).  Downward movement in the foundations can result in cracks in the structural walls of a building. Managing a successful subsidence claim is essential in restoring your home to a structurally sound state.  However, subsidence claims can be very difficult to negotiate, and require dedicated professional representation with detailed insurance knowledge,

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Rising inflation rates and the risks of underinsurance

Inflationary pressures are affecting prices in all sectors of the economy. As a result, if you have a claim, replacement costs may be higher than expected, leaving some commercial insurance policyholders underinsured. The COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian-Ukraine conflict are fuelling inflation. This is now expected to remain elevated for longer than previously predicted due to higher commodity costs and broader price pressures. While none of us likes to pay

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Leaking Tectite Plumbing Fittings

We recently represented many homeowners who suffered water damage because of leaking Tectite plumbing fittings from a UK-based manufacturer. A significant number of these fittings, which were distributed to the Irish market, are defective, and are causing leaks as the ‘O’ ring seals contained within the fittings deteriorate. We have successfully represented numerous homeowners in their claims against the manufacturer of these fittings. The solution ultimately entails removing and replacing

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What you should do if you suffer an oil leak at home

An oil leak at your home can be costlier than you think, both in terms of your finances but also your health. That’s why any suspected oil leak should be acted upon immediately. Your CMG independent insurance loss assessor can provide you with advice about what you should do, and whether you can make a home insurance claim to help you cover the cost of any repairs and environmental remediation.

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CMG announces acquisition of Balcombes Claims Management

Continuing its growth acceleration, Claim Management Group (CMG) today announces it has agreed terms to acquire Balcombes Claims Management (Balcombes). Balcombes Claims Management, based in Dublin, offers tailored solutions to individuals and businesses, as well as a wide range of loss assessing services to those who have experienced property damage. In addition, the organisation has an excellent staff of talented and highly motivated individuals who have been an integral part

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Loss Assessor Vs Loss Adjuster

Loss Adjuster Vs Loss Assessor, What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between a loss assessor or loss adjuster? While they might sound similar, the roles of a loss assessor and a loss adjuster should never be confused. A loss assessor acts on your behalf to negotiate the very best settlement under the terms of your insurance policy.

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