CMG is proud to be Ireland’s largest independent loss assessors with the knowledge, experience and capacity to provide seamless claims managements services that get our clients back on their feet faster.

Between them, Balcombes Claims Management, Mid West Assessors, Cleary’s Loss Assessors & Insurance services and King Loss Assessors have more than 85 years in business and during that time, have processed in excess of 60,000 claims throughout Ireland and the UK. 

CMG offers an unprecedented depth of claims management expertise in Ireland, particularly in complex claims management, and capacity that provides an unmatched level of customer responsiveness which gives customers greater peace-of-mind in emergency response situations.

Talk to us about your loss now for peace-of-mind that your claim is in the best hands

The benefits of choosing CMG as your loss assessor

  • Capacity to take on large and complex claims for full claim management service
  • Large and complex claims specialists with capacity and expertise to provide an unmatched degree of customer responsiveness
  • More than 85 years’ claim management experience throughout Ireland and the UK
  • Local offices and personal service with access to a national network of in-depth expertise
  • We act on your behalf, not your insurance company, to achieve a solution that is in your best interests
  • We are committed to keeping your claim moving and getting your claim settled faster
  • Access to a nationwide network of quality-assured and trusted suppliers

Loss Assessor Vs Loss Adjuster

When disaster strikes, you may be tempted to call your insurance company first.

In fact, your first call should always be to your loss assessor, who will act on your behalf as you begin to navigate the insurance claims process.

Your loss assessor is an independent consultant that represents your interests.

While your insurance company should play a major part in helping you get back on your feet, the claims process isn’t straightforward and your insurance company will want to know in-depth information about your loss to help determine your claim.

To do this, they appoint a loss adjuster to act on its behalf when investigating your claim.

Our role as your loss assessor (or claims management consultant) is to determine the degree of loss you have suffered and negotiate with your insurance company and their loss adjustor to optimise your claim outcome.  

We’ll take all the paperwork, stress and anxiety off your plate so you can focus on getting back on your feet.


CMG offers an unprecedented depth of claims management expertise on the Island of Ireland and has been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification in recognition of its unwavering commitment to international quality and customer service standards.