A burglary at your home is a very real invasion of your privacy and can leave you feeling angry, upset and helpless. Often homeowners also experience fear that the burglars may return and can feel vulnerable in their own home.

These are perfectly natural feelings and it can take some time to process a break-in. Dealing with the stress of an insurance claim and negotiating with your insurer for a fair settlement can heighten your feelings of anxiety when you could be focusing instead on getting your life back to normal.

CMG provides much-needed support to homeowners in the aftermath of a burglary by relieving them of the stress associated with making an insurance claim. We will complete all the paperwork for your claim and submit it to your insurer, and manage all the correspondence and negotiations with your insurance company and their loss adjustor to secure the best possible claim outcome for you.

Talk to us about your loss now for peace-of-mind that your claim is in the best hands

In the aftermath of a home invasion, remember these key rules: CMG can save you angst, time and money by:

  • Call the Garda and make a report about the burglary.
  • Do not touch anything before the Garda arrives and has assessed the scene.
  • Take photos to provide evidence of the break-in.
  • Access your CCTV and have the footage available for review.
  • Make a comprehensive list of everything that has been stolen.
  • Phone CMG for claims advice before you phone your insurer. We can provide advice about when and how to carry out emergency repairs and clean-up to ensure it does not jeopardise your insurance claim.