Don’t risk a chimney fire in your home! You can trust Certified Sweeps to help protect your home and family from a chimney fire.

What is a certified chimney sweep?

A certified chimney sweep works to the highest industry standards set by Ireland’s official association for chimney sweeps. Certified Sweeps provides an all-Ireland network of trusted chimney sweeps that have the expert knowledge, professional equipment and industry experience to clean your chimney and protect your family and home from the devasting impact of a chimney fire.

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A chimney fire has the potential to destroy your home and place your family at risk. That is why it is so important to have your chimney professionally cleaned by a certified chimney sweep. 

The regularity of chimney cleaning will depend on how often you use your chimney. The following is a guide based on burning November to February, however your Certified Sweep can provide you with specialist advice based on your chimney.

How often should a Certified Sweep clean your chimney?:

  • Wood burning fires – twice a year
  • Solid fuel (smokeless) fires – once a year
  • Solid fuel (coal) fires – twice a year
  • Oil fires – once to twice a year (depending on usage)
  • Gas fires (if intended for sweeping) – once a year

Certified Sweeps: the ultimate peace-of-mind

You can trust a Certified Sweep to professionally clean your chimney, conduct a series of safety checks, and issue a certificate that confirms your chimney is functioning optimally. When you use a Certified Sweep you enjoy the ultimate peace-of-mind; don’t risk the safety of your family and home with an unregistered, untrained operator whose inexperience may lead to a chimney fire in your home!

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