Fire Damage

Fire damage can be enormously stressful and not only leave physical damage to your property but an emotional shock to your staff, customers and other people involved in your business.

If your commercial premises or machinery has suffered fire damage, it is important that you preserve the scene. Despite the temptation to do otherwise, do not touch anything, do not clean up and be sure to restrict access only to those involved in securing or assessing the scene.

If you do try to clean up or undertake repairs before your insurer has completed their investigation, it may prejudice your claim.

That’s why it is important your insurer accepts liability before you take steps to clean up and repair any fire damage.

Talk to us about your loss now for peace-of-mind that your claim is in the best hands

It may take your insurer some time to complete an investigation of your fire event, which includes a visit from and interview with their loss adjuster, forensic investigation and testing, a claims history and disclosure investigation, an interview with  the insurer or their solicitor, and a review of your alarm system activation log and other reports.

There is plenty you can do in the meantime however including sourcing drawings and specifications, surveys and structural reports, quotes from your builders, liaising with suppliers and creating a plan for reinstatement. You may also need machine maintenance reports.

Our team can also help you during this time by completing all your claim paperwork, submitting it on your behalf and managing each stage of the claim process.

Once your claim is submitted, we will act on your behalf with your insurer and their loss adjuster to relieve you of the stress associated with managing your claim. The claim process can be complicated and knowing your CMG expert is by your side will give you added peace-of-mind.

We can advise you at what stage of the claim you may be entitled to begin reinstatement works and under what conditions, and we will guide you through the settlement process which is finalised when your insurers have completed a thorough check of all repairs and associated costs to ensure their terms and conditions have been met.

Remember, in the event of a fire:

  • Ensure all your staff, customers and site visitors are evacuated and safe
  • Call the emergency services
  • Do not touch anything or clean up; you must preserve the scene
  • Do not discard machinery before it has been assessed
  • Photograph any evidence and
  • Ensure your utilities have been checked by a qualified professional before you reconnect.

    Before you make a claim or contact your insurer, be sure to speak with a member of the CMG team to discuss your situation.