Does home insurance cover water leaks?

Water Flood And Pipe Leak In House

What is escape of water, and what does it mean for your home?

In this post, we take a closer look at escape of water, whether your home is at risk, and what you should do if it happens to you.

‘Escape of water’ is an insurance term that refers to a water leak in your home.

It is a general term that explains water that has escaped from sources such as a burst mains pipe, split tank or damaged or faulty appliance.

Escape of water does not include water damage caused by a floodstorm or a high tide.

Many insurance policy holders who have suffered a water leak in their home will make a home insurance claim because the damage can be significant, particularly if water has been leaking for some time.

Your CMG independent insurance loss assessor can provide you with advice about what to do when you discover a water leak at home, and how you can make a home insurance claim to help cover the cost of repairs.


An escape of water can be dangerous in your home

Escape of water can be very serious, particularly if a slow water leak goes unnoticed over time.

Not all escape of water incidents causes flooding in a home like a burst water pipe can do.

In fact, sometimes slow water leaks can do more damage to your home and over time, cause health problems for you and your family.


Signs of a water leak in your home

Water leaks can also cause damage that is not immediately visible such as structural damage to your home that can cause metal corrosion and wood rot.

It’s not just your home that can fall victim to a water leak; significant health issues have been known to arise from water leaks that led to the development of mould and rising damp, leading to a range of symptoms including sore throats, allergies and respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Water leaks can also attract pests which can be difficult to get rid of it the infestation has been present for some time. Silverfish in particular are known to flourish in damp environments, chewing their way through clothes and presenting an allergy hazard.


An escape of water can be expensive

Depending on the damage an escape of water has caused in your home, it can cost tens of thousands to repair structural damage and aesthetics, remove mould and damp, and eradicate any pests.

Flooding caused by a burst pipe or overflowing tank can damage personal belongings and may even render your home uninhabitable, forcing you to urgently find alternative accommodation in what is already a very competitive housing market.

The disruption can not only be costly but cause a great deal of anxiety. That’s why home insurance is so important; in the event of a crisis, your CMG independent insurance loss assessor can help you make a home insurance claim to cover the cost of repairs, while also supporting you to find alternative accommodation if you need it and help with the clean-up operation.


What Should you do if you have an escape of water at home?

If you think you have a water leak in your home or have experienced flooding from a burst pipe or overflowing tank, you should call for expert help straight away.

Turn off the water at the stop cock (where the mains water enters the property) if you can see water gushing from a burst pipe or elsewhere. This will stop the flow of water coming into the house.

You should also turn off the electricity at the main circuit board if there is any risk of water coming into contact with electrical appliances.

Then phone your CMG independent insurance loss assessor for advice about what to do next. Depending on the nature of your water leak, we can have a specialist to your home to make an assessment of the total damage, and subsequent loss, at your home, including water damage that initially may not be evident yet cause long-term issues.

If you have home insurance, we can review your policy to find out if you are eligible to lodge a water damage  insurance claim for a water leak or burst pipe.

We can also complete your claim paperwork, lodge it with your insurer and act on your behalf with your insurer and their loss adjustor to negotiate the maximum settlement under your policy terms to help cover the cost of damage from an escape of water at your home.

If your home has sustained significant damage and is unable to be accessed or lived until repairs have been made, your CMG loss assessor can also help find alternative accommodation for you and your family.

In fact, your CMG independent insurance loss assessor can provide a wealth of support in the aftermath of a water leak at your home, that your insurer and their loss adjustor may not.

For example, we can coordinate emergency repair works, organise cleaning contractors to clean-up, and help you engage independent contractors with your best interests in mind and supervise their works until works are completed.

Claims Management Group (CMG) is Ireland’s largest group of independent insurance loss assessors and combined has over 50 years claim management experience throughout Ireland and the UK.

You can trust us to relieve the burden of a home insurance claim for an escape of water and support you to get back on your feet faster.

To find out more or to make a home insurance claim for escape of water, get in touch with CMG today on 0818 118 118 (ROI) or 028 8224 9015 (NI) or request a callback here.


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