Value at Risk

Finding out you are underinsured can be a devastating blow if you have just suffered a loss.

Unfortunately, many businesses only discover they are underinsured when they make a claim, which means they won’t receive the full amount they need to repair or replace their damaged property, contents, machinery and other equipment.

This can have a long-lasting impact on a business, its finances and competitive position, and can easily be avoided with a simple value-at-risk survey.

A value-at-risk survey reviews the insured value of your business interruption cover, property, contents and other assets to determine whether they are insured according to their reinstatement value.

An experienced CMG loss assessor with expert knowledge of insurance policy and valuation will carry out your value-at-risk survey to provide you with the real value of your business assets and peace-of-mind that you are insured for the right amount in case of any loss.

Our professional value-at-risk reports provide a clear summary of our rationale for valuations according to each policy section and can be readily revised at each policy renewal to keep your valuations current.

Protect your business and property with a value-at-risk survey to ensure you are properly insured. Contact us now to find out more