Flood Damage

Flood damage can be particularly devastating for homeowners because in some cases, flood waters can take days, if not weeks to recede. As if dealing with the emotional impact of flood damage isn’t enough, the last thing you need is the hassle involved with the claims process.

We have decades of experience dealing with flood claims throughout Ireland and in the UK where buildings, machinery, contents and stock suffer significant, or in some cases irreparable damage.

Talk to us about your loss now for peace-of-mind that your claim is in the best hands

Our expert team supports homeowners by taking all the paperwork off your hands and lodging it with your insurance company. We manage all correspondence with your insurer and their loss adjustor and negotiate with them to help you achieve the maximum entitlement available under your insurance cover. CMG can save you angst, time and money by:

  • Arranging emergency repairs to your home including the removal of water, clean-up and securing it against further damage
  • Using an expert team to determine the damage caused by the flood waters alongside any structural damage to prevent problems in the long-term
  • Finding suitable accommodation for you and your family if flood waters have rendered your home uninhabitable
  • Complete the paperwork for your claim and negotiate with the insurer and their loss assessor to help you recoup your losses
  • Help you appoint your own contractors instead of your insurer’s, to restore your home faster.

If flood waters are on the way and it is safe to do so:

  • Raise flood barriers at doors and on manholes
  • Locate your insurance documents and check your level of insurance cover
  • Move contents off the floor to avoid contact with flood waters and
  • Turn off the electricity and gas and unplug all electrical items.

The level of cover you have taken with your insurance company will determine your entitlements so it is important to understand whether your cover provides for services such as professional cleaning, and the replacement of water damaged contents. You should also check whether your cover includes an excess – the amount you have to pay before your cover kicks in.

In the aftermath of a flood event, remember these key rules:

  • Phone CMG for claims advice before you phone your insurer.
  • Stay out of structurally unsound buildings until they are declared safe by an expert.
  • Photograph all damage extensively before any clean-up begins.
  • Be mindful that flood waters can be contaminated so wear protective boots and clothing to avoid contact with the water.
  • Remove any standing water and let air circulate to prevent mould and mildew.
  • Don’t carry out repairs until instructed to do so. This may affect your claim.