Residential Insurance Claims

No amount of planning can help you deal with the devastation caused by a disaster that affects your business, and dealing with insurers only adds to your stress.

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No matter what has caused the damage to your home, CMG will guide you through the insurance claim process and ensure you are back home as quickly as possible.

Getting insurers to pay out can be a lengthy and frustrating process, leaving claimants feeling more like criminals than victims. When you file a claim, your insurer will appoint a team of loss adjusters to investigate your situation and find a reason to pay you as little as possible. They will collaborate with a team of professionals, including forensic scientists and accountants, to ensure you were adequately insured and met all of the terms of your policy. Your claim may even be rejected as a result of this.


House Fire

A fire insurance claim can be tricky to navigate and your insurer will appoint a loss adjustor to investigate your claim. This can be particularly stressful when you are already facing the emotional toll of the damage done to your home. Our team is dedicated to relieving you of the stress associated with your claim.

Chimney Fire

A fire in a chimney flue is usually because of residue or build up of tar, soot or grease. In the event the chimney is on fire, contact the emergency services. Outr team have dealt with all types of fire damage claims. We can help you compile, submit and negotiate your claim to a satisfactory settlement.

Burst Pipes

Pipes burst for many reasons but the main reason in winter is due to freezing temperatures. The water in the pipe expands when frozen leading the pipe to split/burst. Apart from the obvious water damage – water can seep along joists, down inside walls, under floorboards, into electrical sockets and can be more difficult to see.

Oil Leak

If you have experienced an escape of oil at your home, you need to act quickly to prevent any further spread of oil and the contamination of your home and neighbouring properties. Toxic odours alone can cause a number of symptoms including nausea and headaches and have serious health effects in left unremedied.

Storm Damage

Claiming on your insurance in the aftermath of a storm can be difficult to navigate. The full extent of storm damage is often not known until an expert has assessed your loss. Having a trusted loss assessor by your side that understands the claims process can help mitigate the stress and time involved with negotiating a settlement with your insurer.


A burglary at your home is a very real invasion of your privacy and can leave you feeling angry, upset and helpless. Dealing with the stress of an insurance claim and negotiating with your insurer for a fair settlement can heighten your feelings of anxiety when you could be focusing instead on getting your life back to normal.


Despite even the best security measures, vandalism is a potential risk to property no matter what the location. Whether a property has fallen victim to graffiti, broken windows or even a break-in or arson, malicious damage can cause considerable distress, not least because of the intentional nature of the attack


Subsidence is a serious structural issue that not only has the potential to affect the safety of your home, but it’s resale value too. Subsidence puts stress on your building’s foundations when there is movement in the ground underneath your home. The causes can be many and varied, from changing water tables and soil type to the removal of large trees nearby.

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We are experts in policy wording and how to apply it to each individual case, giving us the ability to negotiate the best settlement possible for you.

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You will have a dedicated loss assessor who will keep you informed through the entire process answering any questions you may have.

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We aim to settle your claim as quickly as possible, this means getting you back to your normal life in the shortest amount of time.  

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