Leaking Tectite Plumbing Fittings


We recently represented many homeowners who suffered water damage because of leaking Tectite plumbing fittings from a UK-based manufacturer.

A significant number of these fittings, which were distributed to the Irish market, are defective, and are causing leaks as the ‘O’ ring seals contained within the fittings deteriorate.

We have successfully represented numerous homeowners in their claims against the manufacturer of these fittings. The solution ultimately entails removing and replacing every Tectite fitting installed in the property that was part of the faulty batch.

Unfortunately, in order to replace the faulty fittings, ceilings, floors, and walls must generally be removed to allow access, with the damaged flooring, tiling, ceilings, and wall plaster to be reinstated once the plumbing replacement is complete, and costs can run into the tens of thousands of euro.

The work required to expose and replace the fittings is extensive, disruptive, and costly. If the entire property is plumbed with these fittings, as is often the case, the house will be uninhabitable while the work is being done. The cost of alternative lodging will also be included in the claim made to the manufacturer.

The fittings must be sampled and sent to the UK for testing and confirmation that they are faulty. We will collaborate with your plumber to ensure that the proper procedures are followed. All expenses and fees will be reimbursed.

If you believe your home was plumbed with these fittings and you have noticed a loss of pressure in your heating system, water damage to your ceilings, or any other concerns relating to Tectite fittings, please contact CMG for a no-obligation discussion on how we can assist you.

We have been very successful in recovering the full cost of replacing the faulty Tectite fittings, re-plumbing entire properties to remove the defective fittings, and the resulting building damage to ceilings, floors, and walls directly from the manufacturer.

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