Malicious Damage & Burglary Insurance Claims

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What To Do If Your Business Suffers from Malicious Damage or Burglary.

No matter how good the location or how well-known the business, all properties are vulnerable to malicious damage or burglary. It is a potential risk for any property owner, but thankfully, it is relatively easy to deal with and resolve if it occurs.

Malicious damage can take many forms and degrees of severity, ranging from simple graffiti or glass breakage to more extreme acts such as robbery or arson.

Before filing an insurance claim, the extent of damage should always be determined by a professional loss assessor.

When malicious damage or burglary is reported or discovered, the first step should be to ensure that the building is safe to enter. Inform any employees or others who need to be aware of the situation, and if the damage is particularly extensive, do not reopen for business until you are certain that no additional damage will be caused.  Then contact the Gardai.

Try to leave everything exactly as you found it – don’t move anything or clean up until they’ve left. They may need to gather evidence, dust for fingerprints, and determine the motivations and methods of those who caused the damage. If you have CCTV on the premises, make a copy and have it ready for them to review as this will be critical to their investigation.

At this point you will need the services of Claim Management Group to gain a full picture of the damage caused. If cleaning and repairs are required to secure the building and the loss assessor is unable to visit the site right away, take extensive photographs, video, and written inventory of the damage. However, if at all possible, wait until they have inspected the building before beginning any of this.

Finally, take precautionary measures to reduce the likelihood of future malicious damage or burglary. Install an alarm system with camera surveillance, new durable locks, and, if necessary, security personnel to man the property after hours if you haven’t already. 

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