Motor Liability

Even the simplest road accident can be distressing and leave a long-lasting impact, and that’s why cover is important to help you get back on your feet.  

However, if someone is responsible for damage caused to your vehicle or property, you can claim against the driver’s insurance policy without affecting your own cover.

This is known as Motor Third Party Insurance – or third-party liability cover – where the third party’s liability for death, disability or third part loss or damage will pay out to you, the person affected.  

In some cases, the vehicle that caused the damage may be uninsured. In that instance the Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) will cover any claims, providing the vehicle that caused the damage has a valid registration plate. If the vehicle in question does not have a valid registration plate, the MIBI will only pay compensation where there are significant personal injuries arising from the accident.

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Remember that in the event of motor or road liability:

  • You must take the name and contact details of the third party plus the insurance details of the vehicle which can be found on the windscreen
  • Write down the third party vehicle’s registration number and its make and model
  • Take plenty of photographs of the scene
  • Make a report to An Gardai and
  • Report the incident to your own insurer but for information purposes only.

Our team can help you work through the third party claims process and will help you prepare and submit your claim while negotiating your entitlement with the third party’s insurer. This can relieve you of a significant amount of stress and help you feel back to normal sooner after the shock of a motor or road incident.