Loss Assessor Vs Loss Adjuster

Loss Adjuster Vs Loss Assessor, What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between a loss assessor or loss adjuster? While they might sound similar, the roles of a loss assessor and a loss adjuster should never be confused. A loss assessor acts on your behalf to negotiate the very best settlement under the terms of your insurance policy.

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Esther Howe, Operations Manager with CMG

Esther Howe, Operations Manager.

Esther has been with CMG for over 30 years and has been an integral part of the growth of CMG. As operations manager, she is responsible for planning and formulating strategy, claims process management, compliance, reporting, and analysis. Esther has been a driving force behind the change implementation, quality standards, and continuous improvement. Today Esther oversees operations for five companies under CMG. Her experience, flexibility, and willingness to embrace technology

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Niall Donaghy, Managing Director, and Complex Claims Manager

As Managing Director of CMG, Niall Donaghy is at the helm of Ireland’s largest loss assessing firm. He has extensive experience in residential and commercial losses and specific expertise in complex claims management, in particular where business interruption, additional expenditure, and increased cost of working have been central to claims. Niall first became a proprietor of a loss assessing firm in the UK in 2009 before acquiring Mid-West Loss Assessors in

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Storm Damage Insurance Claim Tips

The do’s and don’ts of making an insurance claim in the wake of a storm Making an insurance claim storm damage has the potential to pose several challenges for policy holders. That’s why keeping some basic rules in mind in the aftermath of a storm can help you achieve the best claim settlement possible. In this blog post, we share our top tips for dealing with storm and flood damage

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Gary McKenna, meet the team!

Gary has extensive knowledge of the entire claim process and is an expert negotiator. He has served as a business development manager for more than 10 years and was responsible for successfully negotiating large contracts. Gary understands the anxiety, stress, and frustration of dealing with an Insurance claim following a loss, and is committed to providing support to relieve customers’ stress and reassure them by handling all aspects such as

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What Happens if Your Business Is Affected by A Fire?

No matter how prepared you may be or how many precautions you take, the risk of a fire in your commercial property is always present. Thankfully, most fires result in only minor damage to equipment or paintwork. A serious fire, however, can have a devastating effect on a business and incur massive financial losses, both through the temporary ceasing of trade and the cost of repair works. The services of Claim

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