CMG Partners.

Bio-Logix Environmental is leading the way in Oil Spill Remediation and Clean-up in Ireland. They provide rapid response oil spill clean-up & remediation & environmental services to domestic and commercial markets and the insurance industry all over the island of Ireland. They also offer services in Oil Tank Removal, Oil Leak detection. They have a highly experienced and skilled workforce to cope with everything from the smallest oil spill to large environmental disasters.

Certified Sweeps is an Irish Chimney Sweep Association that prides itself on putting skilled and experienced chimney sweeps first, safeguarding the industry, and ensuring a better customer experience. They were formed to keep their members independent and to help set the standards sweeps must aim to achieve daily. They strive to improve the knowledge and skill of all their chimney sweeps regularly, giving their customers a superior service, they can trust.

Irish Fire and Flood Restoration is a well-established company having been in business for over 14 years. They offer a nationwide service and cater to a large variety of unforeseen circumstances, offering help and advice right throughout the process in a caring and sensitive manner. Their main area of expertise is smoke restoration catering for domestic, commercial, or industrial premises, they carry out the repairs necessary to restore your home or business premises to how they looked before the unfortunate event taking place.