Despite even the best security measures, vandalism is a potential risk to property no matter what the location. Whether a property has fallen victim to graffiti, broken windows or even a break-in or arson, malicious damage can cause considerable distress, not least because of the intentional nature of the attack, but due to the unexpected time and effort involved in the clean-up and repairs needed to restore your property to its former condition.

Our team has extensive experience in helping insurance policy holders manage claims for various types of malicious damage and provide welcome relief to claimants during a particularly stressful time. We will compile and submit your claim to your insurer and negotiate with them and their loss adjuster on your behalf for the maximum entitlement, eliminating the stress associated with managing a claim for malicious damage or vandalism.

Talk to us about your loss now for peace-of-mind that your claim is in the best hands

If your property has fallen victim to malicious damage or vandalism:

  • Don’t enter until you know it is safe.
  • Report the damage to the Garda. Be sure not to touch anything until the Garda arrives.
  • Advise your security company. Obtain any CCTV footage that may be helpful to the Garda.
  • Take plenty of photos to document the damage.
  • Wait until you have your insurance company’s approval to repair or replace any damaged items. You are able however to organise emergency repairs to secure your property and prevent further loss, but remember to keep a comprehensive record of these for your insurer.

Importantly, phone our team to discuss your claim before your phone your insurer. We can help you compile and manage your claim to give you the best chance of the maximum entitlement under your policy.